“Hairdressing has always been a big part of my family, with my mum, aunties, and extended family member pursuing their passion for hairdressing in America. In the early 1900’s my great-great-uncles owned Barber and wig shops in London, where my grandad helped them as a young boy, brushing the wigs.

During the pandemic, I had a realisation that life is way too short and I should pursue my dreams. I have always wanted to own a hair salon/barbers shop. The salon has been named after my Nan, Iris. The Iris brings an air of class and warmth, we want everyone to feel welcome, which being part of the Royal Star Arcade, we know you will get this feeling in the salon and out.

I have an ambition to grow the salon to encompass a barber section too, I wish to name it in the memory of my Grandad.”

Mark Richards – Owner

Our Team

Emily - Senior Stylist

Daiva - Beauty Therapist

Stassi - Senior Stylist

Brad - Senior Stylist

Leanne - Senior Stylist

Gemma - Makeup Artist